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Geek Fight! Errata List

This is a list of changes to the beta release of the first Geek Fight! set. When we reprint the set, all errata will be reflected on the actual cards. All changes are retroactive and apply to the Beta Release versions, as well.


  1. Combatants
    Combatant TypeGeek, Girlfriend, Nuisance, etc. are all types of combatants, while things like Video Gamer are subtypes. All new combatant cards will have Combatant clearly written above the type and subtype.
  2. Beginning the Game
    There has been some confusion about beginning-of-the-game deployment in demos. Players can put down ANY combatant card in the beginning, not just those of the Geek type.
  3. Stealing
    Though in the beta demos we said it was legal to barter an item in response to its being targeted for stealing, that is no longer the case. Stealing takes precedence over bartering, but forfeiting still works. For example, if the Unattended Child tries to steal your Chainmaille Hacky Sack, you can still use its forfeit ability in response; but you can't barter the Anime Sword Replica.
  4. Counters
    Counter PhrasingThe wording on cards giving Strength and Frailty Counters has been modified to prevent abuse. The reminder text now reads: "Each of these counters..." rather than "Each counter..." That means, when you put a Strength Counter on an item that has other kinds of counters already on it, only the Strength Counter gives +1 strength.


  1. Icons
    To help players keep track of what card stats are, we have made icons for Resource, Strength, and Health. All older cards without these symbols are still assumed to have them.
    Stat Icons
  2. Swag
    Swag AttributeTo avoid confusion, Swag is an attribute of Item. Going forward, Swag will be indicated with an attribute icon after Item: Older cards that simply say Swag: are assumed to have this attribute icon.
  3. Card Types
    To make it easier to tell the difference between Combatants, Items, and Tactics/Skills, we have modified the stat jewels on each kind of card. Tactics and Skills now only have the one Resource Cost jewel, while Items have grayed-out jewels when not in use.
    Card Types
  4. Weapons/Armor
    The difference between weapons and armor is now more visually indicated: A weapon is an item that gives a strength bonus, while armor gives a health bonus. Items that give bonuses to both stats are considered weapons AND armor.
    Weapons vs. Armor
  5. V.I.P.
    Man-Faye's artwork is now full-bleed like other V.I.P. combatants in the game. To avoid confusion, the 42nd Card of Doom's art is no longer full-bleed, meaning it's not a V.I.P. item.


  1. Diving Dragon Games T-Shirt is no longer bartered for 5 Tokens, Tickets, or Cash. This has been changed to a forfeit ability, so you can still do it in response to stealing!
  2. 1337 H4XX0121337 H4XX012 is now a dual-resource combatant: He produces either Cash or Bandwidth (or any combination of the two). As of this writing, there are no other Bandwidth cards, but you can bet your britches there will be!
  3. Chainmaille Hacky Sack is now classified as a Chainmaille item in addition to being a Hacky Sack.
  4. Slaystation Controller is now a Video Gaming Peripheral.
  5. Vicious B.O. is now a Tactic: (Smelly).
  6. Disgruntled GM now has the (Angry) attribute.
  7. Overenthusiastic LARPer is now a LARP Gamer / Cosplayer.
  8. Costume Contest: The second clause of Costume Contest now reads: "When targeted, V.I.P. Cosplayers receive an additional +2 strength to their next combat." This ability only affected Man-Faye in the beta version.
  9. CaFfEiNe!!! is now of the (Caffeinated) attribute.
  10. Bendy Dungeon Wall is now a War Gaming Prop.
  11. Geek Rage! is now a Tactic: (Angry)
  12. n00b now has the subtype of Geek: Newbie.

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